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Karnatic Lab
Tuesday, March 9, 2010, 20.30h -
De Badcuyp, Amsterdam



De Badcuyp, Amsterdam
1st Sweelinckstr. 10



“Broken projections” (2005) film by:  Aliona Yurtsevich

Dana Jessen: In Flux (2009) 
      for bassoon, soprano saxophone, tibetan bowls and sound samples
Matthew Burtner: SXueAk (2009)
      for soprano saxophone, bassoon reeds, squeaky toys and interactive electronics
Terry Riley: Dorian Reeds (1964)
      for bassoon, soprano saxophone and delay
Dana Jessen - bassoon, tibetan bowls and squeaky toys
Michael Straus - saxophones and electronics

“STEPs”  (2004) film by:  Aliona Yurtsevich

Georg Friedrich Haas : Antiphon
Fie Schouten en Ainhoa Miranda - contrabasklarinetten

Karlheinz Stockhausen : HARMONIEN voor basklarinet
Fie Schouten – basklarinet

“The story I read on the way back” (2004) film by:  Aliona Yurtsevich

"Launched Jagged Poppets"
newly formed electro-instrumental duo (2009), with razor-blade sonic sensibility on the edge of falling and flying, silence and sound, stillness and chaos.
Aliona Yurtsevich: tedra, percussion toys
Angel Faraldo: live electronics

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