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Karnatic Lab
Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 20.30h -
De Badcuyp, Amsterdam



De Badcuyp, Amsterdam
1st Sweelinckstr. 10 


Fie Schouten - bass clarinet

Rozalie Hirs - article 7 (seven ways to climb a mountain)
Unsuk Chin - Advice from a Caterpillar
Fie Schouten, born in Amsterdam and still living there, performs in various formations at many different podia and festivals. She has performed all over Europe and is playing on all the clarinets with a warm preferation for the low ones. As a specialist in performing new music, she can be heard extensively as a soloist and with her own ensembles To be Sung (trio), in duo with accordeonist Marko Kassl, reed-trio Kassandra, Kaida (duo).Many new pieces are written for and premiered by these groups by composers with very diverse styles and of very different backgrounds and nationalities. Free improvisation appears in many of the pieces.Numerous of these performances have been broadcast by the 'Concertzender'. 

Fie Schouten


Craig Green - guitars
Ned McGowan - piccolo, flute, contrabass flute

Guitarist and Composer Craig J. Greens unique vision and constant exploration has spanned that last 20 years, through a wide and diverse constellation of artistic projects from jazz, avante garde, electronica and world music.

"The son of Bill Frisell, and the grandson of Derek Bailey" - All About Jazz

Craig Green

Ned McGowan holds degrees in flute and composition received in the United States and also in the Netherlands, where he has lived since 1994, developing a career composing, performing and teaching. He has won many prizes both as composer and performer and in April 2008 made his Carnegie Hall debut performing his own Concerto for contrabass flute and orchestra. His music is available on many CD recordings and has been performed throughout Europe, North America and India.  As co-founder of the Amsterdam based Karnatic Lab Foundation, he produces festivals, a record label and a monthly concert series dedicated to new music.

Ned McGowan


Robert van Heumen - laptop instrument
Ivo Bol - live sampling and synthesis instrument 
Jodi Gilbert - voice, etc.
Ties Mellema - saxophone

Robert van Heumen is a composer and improvising musician using an extended laptop-instrument to perform highly immersive and hyper-dynamic electro-acoustic music. As a musician, live sampling is his main tool. With a joystick and other tactile controllers, live sampled source sounds are gesturally manipulated and reworked within open ended narratives. Van Heumen is continously researching new strategies for live sampling and looking for the perfect balance between free improvisation and structured music. The laptop is used in an instrumental, tactile way, connecting action to sound like any acoustic instrument, and is used in live performance as well as in the studio to generate sonic material for electro-acoustic compositions. Van Heumen is performing regularly with Shackle (with electro-flutist Anne LaBerge), ABATTOIR (with cellist/vocalist Audrey Chen), SKIF++ (audio-visual trio with Jeff Carey & Bas van Koolwijk), Whistle Pig Saloon (with guitarist John Ferguson) and Davis/VanHeumen (with bass clarinetist Gareth Davis). He's using realtime audio-synthesis software SuperCollider and STEIM's live sampling software LiSa.
Robert van Heumen

Ivo Bol: I magnify the atmosphere of lost and found sounds in my compositions, I am looking for beautiful little details that will flourish in a new sound world. I studied history, and played bass guitar in differentexperimental bands since high school. After a bike accident I was unable to play bass for a couple of months, and I became increasingly involved with sampling, electronic music, electroacoustic music and sound design. One thing that inspired me was a visit to a hiphop producer, I was intrigued by the way he could build musical structures with his sampler. I did a Sonology course at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag and I have participated in workshops at STEIM. I have composed electronic music, music for ensemblesdance- en theatre performances, television and film. I have build various sound installations. I have developed a live sampling and synthesis instrument using LiSa and various game controllers, such as the Wii Remote, to trigger, sample and manipulate sounds in an intuitive and playful way.

Ivo Bol

diva/recluse Jodi Gilbert, a native Californian based in Amsterdam, is known as a dancer, singer, actress, and teacher of performance skills in the USA and Europe Her theatrical credits include Orkater, Het National Toneel. obie-award winning “Nightclub Cantata”., directed by Elizabeth Swados, “The Bacchae” by the renown Califormia-based Dell Arte Players Co, and several productions directed by Jenn Ben Yakov, including a solo dance/theater production “Living In A Dream”. She has sung with Meredith Monk, Maude Sauer Quintet, Paul Termos 10-tet, Roscoe Mitchell, Michael Moore, Available Jelly, Misha Mengelberg’s ICP Orchestra in Mengelberg’s opera, Behang, Alan Laurillard, and with Han Buhrs and the Schismatics. Her on-going musical activities include The Voice Is The Matter, which incorporates folk music and improvised music, RASP/HASP which mixes voice, acoustic instruments, and electronics, and Spoon 3 which explores and subverts the classic piano. bass, voice trio .She is presently on the faculty of the Amsterdamse Hoge School v.d. Kunst where she teaches voice, drama, and improvisation and has taught for many years at Stichting Buitenkunst and Crea. She has taught privately sponsored workshops in voice, dance, theater, improvisation, and Balkan song throughout Europe and the USA, and presently has an ongoing private voice practice.

At the age of eight Ties Mellema decided he wanted to play the saxophone. His father played Charlie Parker to him and he liked the sound; furthermore the saxophone would help his asthma. It was the right choice, the instrument’s versatility suits Ties well. Many years on he works as a solo artist, a chamber musician and a teacher. In 2010 he received the Netherlands Music Prize from the Dutch Performing Arts Fund, a highly prestigious recognition of his work so far.

Ties Mellema

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