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Karnatic Lab
Tuesday, February 14, 2012, 20.30h -
De Badcuyp, Amsterdam



De Badcuyp, Amsterdam
1st Sweelinckstr. 10


Fie Schouten - basklarinet

Robin de Raaff: Contradictie IVa (1998)
Theo Loevendie: Duo

Black Celluloid
Theo van Tol & Ellen van Vliet - accordion

Theo van Tol:  Bosnian children's song
J.S Bach: Inventie nr 10
Theo van Tol: Loose ends
J.S.Bach: Inventie nr 10
Bokkie Vink: Toni


Andrea Taeggi and Stefan Schaefer

Taeggi-Schaefer is a mutual collaboration between electronics musician Andrea Taeggi and designer Stefan Schaefer.
They've teamed up to create a solid visual landscape, where compositional insights come from both setups, as if visuals and music were one big meta-instrument.

Some of the most abstract synthesized sounds turn out to be exceptionally well fitting with projections made with analog devices, giving your eyes the most natural continuation of what your ears already know.

They came up with a performance of about an hour, where they combine elements coming from noise, ambient, dubstep, psychedelic, acousmatic and sound design.
They perform a suite of different parts, as if they were illustrated songs, each in their own micro-world, and where the vibe ranges from minimalistic games of silhouettes and shadows to full on vibrating and physical bits.

Andrea | Elektron Monomachine synthesizer
Stefan | overhead projector
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