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Karnatic Lab
Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 20.30h -
De Badcuyp, Amsterdam



De Badcuyp, Amsterdam
1st Sweelinckstr. 10 


audio-visual duo,

Stefan Schäfer - live graphic design, overhead projector

Christoph Scherbaum - guitar, effects, laptop

Olgar aims at researching the possibilities of an active dialogue between image and sound. Every performance of OLGAR is completely improvised, the only thing that is set before is the concert duration. Circumstances, "spontaneous empirical knowledge" and the hard core of OLGAR form the never ending metamorphosis."


de type inconnu

Sylvain Pohu - electric guitar and electronics
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay - bass guitar and electronics

Two electroacoustic composers, two guitars, two improvisers, two laptops.
Eleven years of playing together within Montreal-based contemporary jazz ensemble [iks] before this project emerged. Lots of strings, lots of sounds, lots of notes, lots of noise, lots of styles.
One moment: now! 

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