Anne-Marieke Meij
Anne-Marieke Meij


April 2006

AnneMarieke  Meij  


Anne-Marieke Meij (1981) lives in the Netherlands. She started harp playing at age 7. At age 11 she went to the young talent class of the conservatory of Utrecht. She studied with Erika Waardenburg. She graduated with honours at age 22. In the same year she got her masters in psychology with minors in art history, music history and computer science.

She participated in several masterclasses (f.i. Susanna Mildonian, Natalie Shameyeva, Andrew-Laurence King, Marius Flothuis, Vera Beths and Barbara Hannigan). She also participated in manycompetitions and won several prices (f.i. at age 14 1st price Prinses Christina Concours and 1st priceSJMN, both region East; 2nd price SJMN national in 2002).

Often Anne-Marieke gives solo concerts and tells extensively about music history and the backgrounds of the played works and composers.

In april 2008 Anne-Marieke will perform the harpconcert of Reinecke with Leids Sinfonietta

Anne-Marieke has a real passion for music theatre. After a production with a student of the theatreschool called 'Hot' in 2001-2002, she participated in two big productions of youth theatre group Het Filiaal: Assepoes in 2003-2004 and Baron Rabinovitsj II in 2004-2005. The last one has areprise in 2006.

Anne-Marieke works often with composers, such as Gabor Tarjan and Ça?layan Yildiz. Ça?layan en Anne-Marieke wrote an opera together (in English) which is called ‘Kitch-en Opera’. It premiered in the summer of 2005.

Anne-Marieke collaborated on CD’s of the young talent class of the Utrecht conservatory and Het Filiaal. She has been in TV shows of Ivo Nieho, Jos Brink and Omroep Gelderland.

She has performed several harp concerts as a soloist. (f.i. in 1998 Saint-Saens harp concert withSinfonietta and NOVA; Dittersdorf harp concert with WSKOV in 1995 and at age 9 Grundman harp concert with Harmonieorkest Oosterbeek)

Anne-Marieke is a member of several ensembles:

Helios ensemble conducted by Wolfgang Lange. This ensemble made a tour in december 2007 with a new composition of Daan Manneke called Trajectoire.

Resonata Apricosa: a duo with Raphaela Danksagmuller (duduk, and recorder) with celtic and wirestrung harp. The repertoire is diverse: medieval, renaissance, folkmusic, balfolk and contemporary works.

Ombre et Lumière: a duo with Guido van de Meent (winner French Chanson competition Alliance Francaise 2008) with French chansons.

In 2002 en 2003 she participiated in the Nationaal Youth Orchestra. She plays at the Arnhem Symphony Orchestra on a regular basis. 

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