Arthur Wagenaar
Arthur Wagenaar


February 2010

Arthur  Wagenaar  

juggling, electronics

Arthur Wagenaar (1982) is a Dutch composer and pianist. He studied Composition & Musictechnology at KMT (Hilversum, The Netherlands) and Composition at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. His music is often theatrical in nature, whether performed in a concert hall, a theatre or any place else. Recent projects, for example, include a piano piece where one hand plays the keys, while the other hand performs a breakfast ceremony, and the design of a new electronical instrument, controlled by juggling.  Arthur plays keys in and composes for rockband Susies Haarlok, who often work in collaboration with Orkater.  As a composer he worked with various other ensembles and (theatre) groups, including OMSK, the Dutch Student Chamber Choir (NSK), the Rosa Ensemble, the Ricciotti ensemble, Toneelschuurproducties, the Noorderparkkamer and Stichting de Vrolijkheid.

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