Ingolfur Vilhjalmsson
Ingolfur Vilhjalmsson


December 2002

Ingolfur  Vilhjalmsson  


ngólfur Vilhjálmsson clarinetist was born in Iceland and lives in Berlin. He studied in Amsterdam with Herman Braune, Harmen de Boer and on bass clarinet with Harry Sparnaay and Eric van Deuren. He has a great preference for the bass clarinet which he performs regularly also as a solo instrument. He received a scholarship as a member of theEnsemble Modern Academy 2006-2007. Ingólfur is a member ofAdapter ensemble, (Berlin) and his other chamber activities include Duo Plus with accordionist Andrea Kiefer and also a duo with percussionist Tobias Guttmann (Duo Dualism). He has worked with many composers of his generation and given concerts in Germany, Holland, Finland and Iceland, including in festivals like, März Musik (Berlin), Invention (Berlin), Dark Music Days, Frum- (Reykjavík) and De Suite (Amsterdam). Ingólfur has worked with known composers such as Hosokawa and with Lachenmann on his avant-garde landmark piece Dal niente. His playing has been recorded by the WDR, The Icelandic Radio and the Hessische Rundfunk.

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