February 2011


ethopian grooves

The Batiband( based in the Netherlands) is formed in 2010 and is a band wich plays modern Ethiopian groove music with traditional influences. All the compositions are from the hand of singer and masenqo player Afework Nigussie & Jasper de Beer who have been working together in periods since 2003.

In that year they did a tour in the Netherlands promoting Jump to Addis, wich is the cd number fifteen in the world famous Ethiopiques series. In 2005 this project ended with a great show on Ethiopian music festival in Addis Abeba.

In 2007 guitarplayer Mark Tuinstra joined in and they played a concert on the Ethiopian music festival in Rasa, Utrecht,Netherlands under the name Oruga.

Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant published an enthiousiast review of this concert.

Meanwhile Afework Nigussie finished his first solo cd Chirot wich came out in Ethiopia and Jasper de Beer wrote some Ethiopian songs where Afework later put his lyrics too.

With Batiband this group makes a new crossover between the old Ehiopian sound of

the 70s ,like the bands of Mahoud Ahmed and Mulatu Astatke ,with two tenorsaxophones,playing modern original Ethiogrooves and melodies combined with traditional Ethiopian music styles.Afework Nigussie who was born and raised in Gondar,Ethiopia , learned as a young boy all the diverse music styles of Ethiopia and later in the african jazz village of Addis Abeba as a singer and masenqo player with Mulatu Astatke.

Recenty this group finished their first recording.One of the tracks will be released on a compilation cd on Ethiosonic, a French label wich is focused on modern Ethiopian sounds.

Live , the band has been playing some nice concerts, driving the audiences to higher atmospheres with their incredible, dancible and energetic liveshows .Besides the musical skills of Afework, the public will be treated on his outstanding, traditional Ethiopian, dancing skills.

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