Cecilia Arditto
Cecilia Arditto


November 2004

Cecilia  Arditto  


Cecilia Arditto (Buenos Aires, 1966) I studied music at the Conservatorio Julián Aguirre, Centro de Estudios  Avanzados en Música Contemporánea (CEAMC) and Conservatory of Amsterdam (cum laude); I took composition lessons in Argentina with Gabriel Valverde and Mariano Etkin; analysis with Margarita Fernandez among others.  Traveling a lot since then and seeing the world, my music always comes back to my first teachers.

Even though I have not met them, I consider Luigi Nono, Robert Bresson, and Cesar Aira my influences.It is difficult to see those influences in my language, but it is for sure a powerful influence in the genesis of my music ideas, specially the non-musicians.

My music has been performed in Latin-American, USA and Europe, and many of my pieces have been played by different ensembles. Having different versions from the same piece is a very interesting process to learn what remains and what changes in our fragile music notation system from which I am fanatic.

I am actually involved in research on music theater with my own foundation, Stichting planB, a multidisciplinary platform of international artists based on Holland. We think that research within the frame of  concrete productions are two complementary aspects of the same movement. Also, we strongly believe that working in the context of an affinity group, bring isolated voices into a more consistent music language.

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