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Seamus Cater is an English musician / composer / performer, living and working in the Netherlands. He studied music and performance at Dartington College of Arts and The University of Salford where he specialised in harmonica and composition.

Through jazz and more experimental forms of music his harmonica style has crystallised into a sonic exploration of an instrument with enormous limitations of expression and identity. He mostly retunes all instruments, often using just intonation, making music which is concerned with breath and the overtone series. A current important collaboration is with the avant garde NYC banjo player Woody Sullender.

In January 2009 he began making performances for narrating voice, song, piano and harmonica, etc. The first, 'for Alexis' 2009, was a solo which dealt with the story of the 19th century French Canadian athlete Alexis the Trotter. These performances go under the moniker Anecdotal Music, a series Seamus started at DNK Amsterdam. Anecdotal Music performances are open in terms of form, expressing some kind of story or history using text and music. His second performance in this series, 'The Folk Music, the Whale and the Sea', loosely connected fiction and history of the 18th century whaling trade, using folk and improvised music structures in a trio with Viljam Nybacka and Fritz Welch.

As a songwriter, Seamus is continuing to write and perform a growing series of biographical songs of artists and athletes. He works solo and frequently with the Finnish musician Viljam Nybacka, inviting other performers from the improvised music world to add to the sonic tapestry of what are essentially simple pop songs. Much of this new music has a relationship to the British folk music revival of the 1950's, without in any way trying to recreate it; Seamus' father is an English folk singer active since the 1960's.

Seamus has produced numerous works for film, dance and theatre and is a programmer and organiser of the highly thought of concert series DNK Amsterdam.

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