Alper Kekec
Alper Kekec


April 2008

Alper  Kekec  


Alper Kekec was born in 15 February 1975 in Istanbul, Bakirkoy. He has moved to Trakya (North-West part of Turkey) with his family and lived there until 18. After finishing his highschool he moved to Izmir. He has first introduced with music in early ages and instead of playing guitar as many youngsters do, he continued playing baglama(turkish folk guitar) after a mandolin education at school. In 1995 he entered to Ege University Conservatory and studied "tar" (Azerbaijan’s folk guitar). After awhile he introduced with percussions and went on his music career with rythme instruments. He has recorded 2 albums with band called "Umuda Ezgi" He has played percussion and drum in many music styles. He has played almost all folk music singers in Turkey. In 2004 he was accepted to West African department of Amsterdam Conservatory. Last year he started recording his solo album and completed it. Now he is teaching "darbuka" at Rotterdam and Amsterdam Conservatories and going on working as a concert musician. 

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