Maria Ballesteros
Maria Ballesteros


March 2008

Maria  Ballesteros  


Born in 1986 in Spain, She began studying music with Prof. Juan Luis Arcos in the ‘Conservatorio de musica de grado medio de Zaragoza’ ,and private lessons with Jose Manuel Roman. During this time she improved her skills in several international masterclass with theachers such as Igor Souliga, Norbert Blume, Vladimir Mendelsohn, Oleg Lev, Paul Cortese. In 2008 she finished her Bacherhelor Studies with distincion in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with her viola teachers Marjolein Dispa,Nobuko Imai (international soloist), Michael Gieler (member of the Concertgebouw orchestra). In Amsterdam she attended masterclasses with Nobuko Imai, Garth Knox, Anner Bylsma, Julien De Vriend. She follow her studies in the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg with Veronika Hagen (Hagen quartet) reaching the 'soloist viola' Master degree in 2010.Studies financed by two scholarships from the Spanish government. She was member of the ‘E.G.O’ (youth orchestra from the Vask country) during 2002-2004, being the viola leader the last year of her membership.Also member of the ‘E.U.Y.O’ European youth orchestra in 2007, taking place in the summer meeting in 2007 with Colin Davies. During this time She performed in Amsterdam (Het Concertgebow),Salzburg (Wiener Saal), and different cities of Spain as a soloist and chamber music. She was invited to give two concerts and Masterclass in 'Hong-Kong Schumann Festival 2010'. This comming year she is studying with Jonathan Brown (Casals quartet) a postgraduate course in chamber music and orchestra training.

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