Raya Hadzhieva
Raya Hadzhieva


Raya  Hadzhieva  

trumpet, chinese flugelhorn

She sings, plays guitar, accordion and piano. The trumpet was still not in the picture. But when she is fourteen and in love with a boy who plays the trumpet, she decides to play trumpet in his band. When she was twenty she moved to the Netherlands in Amsterdam to go to the conservatory. Because she discovered jazz and improvising she discovers that the trumpet is an awesome tool that completely suits her.

Raya sit together with Branko Galoic Hotel in the band and from there heasked her also to Branko Galoic & Skakavac Orkestar to come. Besides these twobands still play them in a Big Band and she also has his own band, The Problems. This is an experimental band that mixes Balkan music with jazz.

In the future she hopes to play as much as possible and her own way in improvising and making music. She wants as much as possible try to discover everything. She does everything like she does now, but a memorable moment, she has never experienced. She hopes that the really great moments yet to come.

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