Miriam Overlach
Miriam Overlach


Miriam  Overlach  


Miriam Overlach, harpist, is a musical adventurer who is equally concerned with sound interpretations of traditional works as well as the innovation of performance practices and the transgression of musical boundaries. She enjoys to perform as a soloist, chamber musician and improviser as well as with orchestras and ensembles. She also frequently collaborates with artists from other disciplines for the purpose of which she has co-founded the group ‘Radio Kootwijk Live’.

Miriam has won several solo competitions such as the Vriendenkrans Competition in 2007 (a competition for young soloists organized by the ‘Friends of the Concertgebouw Orchestra’) and the Dutch Harp Competition 2007. She was a laureate of the ‘Deutscher Musikwettbewerb 2008’ and attained first prizes at the ‘Grachtenfestival Conservatorium Competition 2006’ and the ‘International Harp Competition Martine Géliot 2002’. Since then Miriam has provided solo and chamber music recitals in the Netherlands and Germany, the latter within the context of a tour organized by the ‘Deutscher Musikwettbewerb’. 

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