Jason Alder
Jason Alder


November 2008
December 2007

Jason  Alder  

saxophone, bass clarinet

Jason Alder is a contemporary, improvising, and electronic musician. Originally hailing from the metro Detroit area, since 2006 he has based himself in Amsterdam. An active clarinet and bass clarinetist, he keeps a busy performance schedule as a soloist, improviser, chamber and session musician, and with various orchestras, jazz ensembles, and bands in the United States and Europe, also sometimes playing saxophones. He is a specialist in new and contemporary music, and has been working closely with composers while in Amsterdam, having premiered several pieces solo or as part of an ensemble. As an improviser, he is a founding member of the electro-acoustic improvisation duo Sonido 13; is a member of the Magic Lantern Show Orchestra, which improvises soundtracks to silent films; works with members of the improvised dance and theater community; and plays often with other members of the Amsterdam improvised and experimental music scene. Jason is also a founding member of the klezmer trio Payazen, praise as The World's Finest Buskers, which has taken him to the Glastonbury Festival and on tours around Italy, the UK, Ireland, and Hungary.

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