Bokkie Vink
Bokkie Vink


July 2009
September 2007
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Bokkie  Vink  


Bokkie Vink is a man who lives by his senses: his eyes and his ears are his most important tools....
His ears helped him to become a well known cimbalomplayer /composer, specialized in East-European music combined with jazz.  Through his pictures he gives us an opportunity to see the average things of live in a different perspective.  General human interest is Bokkie's main subject, and because of his musical background he has a special relation with photography of musicians.

Bokkie Vink studied (analog) photography (specialism: in photo journalism:being at the right time at the right place) at the 'Fotovakschool' in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. (Daniel Talma-Gozo)

Member of StriCat

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