Michael Fischer
Michael Fischer

Michael  Fischer  

violin, composer

Musician-composer at the interface improvised / new music / sound art / noise on saxophone, violin, radio studio setup, CDsoundscapes, orchestra conductions works on sound of speech in musical textures and their structural implications, since 1999 including the phenomenon of electro-acoustic feedback (documented on CD: 'solos', review in The Wire 226, London). Cross collaborations in literature (experimental poetry), performance, dance, installation, film, video. Concerts, cross collaboration projects, festival appearances since 1995 in the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, France, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Rumania, England, USA and Japan 2007 and 2010: 14 concerts / 9 cities.

1999 started a series of explorations involving the feedback as a main focus on a radio-broadcast-mixing desk 'strange aid, the setup is ensemble of microphones and headphones, turntables, CD players and amplified springs;
2002 started and continued to play the violin on a regular basis supported by Bela Mago jr.
2007 started the soundscape series 'connex : context' with various sounds from CD on 3 CD players live and as radio performances in collaboration with writers in experimental poetry

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