Keir Neuringer
Keir Neuringer


March 2002

Keir  Neuringer  


Keir Neuringer composes & improvises acoustic & electronic music, writes socio-political performance texts & essays, & creates interdisciplinary artworks, all with the aim of bringing audiences into a state of emotional & intellectual curiosity that meets the conditions for meaningful dialogue with, & transformation of, the culture at large. Over the last 25 years he has cultivated a personal & intensely physical approach to solo saxophone improvisation that honors & builds upon diverse music-making traditions. He also plays analogue electronics & farfisa organ, & sings & narrates text. He has been an active participant in the experimental music scenes in Krakow, The Hague, and Amsterdam, and currently lives in Central New York. 

When not performing solo, Neuringer works with virtuoso bassist Rafal Mazur, experimental turntablist DJ Sniff, Dutch contemporary music group Ensemble Klang, & has performed with free improvisation legends Evan Parker & Mischa Mengelberg & electronic music pioneers Michel Waisvisz, Joel Ryan & Marek Choloniewski. He has released UNISON LINES(Not Two 2010) with Mazur as well as the cassette tape «Conquistadors» under his AFGHANISTAN project and two CDs under the moniker THE LOVE STORY. 

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