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Stephanie Brandt


Stephanie  Brandt  


Stephanie Brandt (*1978) joined The Royal Wind Music in 1999, shortly after moving to Amsterdam to study recorder with Paul Leenhouts. Before that, she had been a prizewinner at youth competitions on national and international level, and temporarily studied the recorder with Prof. Michael Schneider in Frankfurt. During her study years in Amsterdam, she specialized in both early and contemporary chamber music.

Next to her engagement in The Royal Wind Music, she is a founding member of the recorder quintet Seldom Sene and of AeroDynamic. As a member of AeroDynamic, she works together with composers, video and sound designers from Europe and the United States. AeroDynamic was awarded the 2nd prize at the 9th Contemporary Chamber Music Competition in Krakow 2005. Recorder quintet Seldom Sene aims to perform both Early and Contemporary Music with appealing spirit and creativity. Seldom Sene has been awarded the first prize during the Concours International d’Ensembles de Flûte à bec in Le Mans (France). With a medieval to experimental programme, Stephanie won 3rd prize in the Moeck/SRP Solo Recorder Competition 2005.

Stephanie takes great interest in educating her future audience, therefore she performs regularly for the Amsterdam-based foundation Memorable Moments, introducing music into nurseries and primary schools. Furthermore, she teaches recorder at De Kunstlinie, the interdisciplinary art and music school in Almere, and follows a course in Educational Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. Her academic interest primarily involves the influence of art education on general learning outcomes. In addition, Stephanie is regularly contributing articles, interviews and reviews to the Dutch recorder magazine Blokfluitist.

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