K. Sridhar started touring out of India in 1982 and has given hundreds of concerts worldwide.  During the 1980's in Europe he often performed in the more traditional Dhrupad manner with pakhawaj player Arjun Shejwal.  Starting in 1987 he toured internationally numerous times under the auspices of W.O.M.A.D., often as part of a jugalbandhi (duet) with Carnatic violinist K. Shivakumar along with tabla and mridangam accompaniment.  Two of these jugalbhandhi concerts are featured on a CD entitled "Shringar" which was released by Peter Gabriel's RealWorld label.

K. Sridhar has made 14 recordings on European, Middle Eastern and American labels.  He has forged exciting links with musicians of various disciplines: Arabic, African, jazz, flamenco, Persian and European classical.  His musical fluency is revealed in his compositions on the "Arabandi: East Meets East" CD where the sarod is played in a similar manner to the Arabic oud.  As a composer, he has provided numerous soundtracks for film including the French film, "Pondicherry: juste avant l'oubli" which won the prestigious Jean Vigo Award in 1988.

Enriching the repertoire of Classical Indian Music has been another focus of K. Sridhar.  On his "Food For the Soul" CD he plays a Carnatic raga in the Hindustani manner.  His mastery of both traditions allows for a variety of accompaniment that knowledgeable audiences find exciting.   When accompanied by pakhawaj, he plays Dhrupad in the beenkaar (rudra veena) style.  When accompanied by tabla, he plays the Hindustani style of sarod music inspired by Ali Akbar Khan.  When accompanied by mridangam, he plays a Carnatic pallavi on the sarod which is similar to a Hindustani gat.

K. Sridhar has conducted numerous seminars on Indian music in the USA, France, Singapore, and Mexico.  Students from all kinds of musical traditions find benefit from his instruction on the art of improvisation as well as the art of creating.  Presently he resides in Chapel Hill, NC, in the USA while maintaining an active teaching schedule in Europe and India.

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