Carlos Galvez
Carlos Galvez

April 2007
February 2003
December 2001

Carlos  Galvez  

clarinet, bass clarinet

Originally from Valencia, Spain, Carlos lives and works in The Netherlands since 1995,  being very active promoting both Contemporary Music and his instrument, the bass clarinet.  After his musical education with Harry Sparnaay at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (1995-2002), Carlos co-founded several groups, like Insomnio Ensemble, clarinettist from 1998 to 2010, N Collective and Duometrie (bassclarinet & percussion), being other clarinet counsellors: Alain Damiens and Ernesto Molinari. 

Collaborates with Ictus Ensemble, ASKO-Schoenberg Ensemble, Nieuw Ensemble, musikFabrik, Ives Ensemble, Radio Kamer Filharmonie and Ensemble RESIDENCIAS (Trio Arbós & Neopercusión), working under conductors and composers like Emilio Pomárico, Peter Eotvoes, Peter Rundel, Reinbert de Leeuw, Stefan Asbury, Peter Rundel, Beat Furrer, Gerorges-Elies Octors, Oliver Knussen, Brian Ferneyhough, Gyorgy Ligeti, Pierre Boulez, Helmut Lachenmann, Franco Donatoni, Luca Francesconi, Bruno Mantovani, Wolfgang Rihm or Tom Johnson.  

He has performed at many international festivals in Europe, SouthAfrica, Asia and America (Vienna, Bergen, Barcelona, Brussels, Berlin, New York, Viitasaari, Innsbruck, Yakarta, Copenhague, Amsterdam, Venice, Parma, Strasbourg, Paris, Munich, London, Huddersfield, Bochum, Hong Kong, etc.) and has been soloist with the Nieuw Ensemble, Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Espai Sonor and Insomnio Ensemble.   In 2000, after several working sessions with Pierre Boulez, Carlos Gálvez performed for the first time the version for bass clarinet and live electronics of "Dialogue de l'ombre double". During 2004-05, was invited by Het Nieuw Ensemble from Amsterdam to premiere “Shadowtime” first Brian Ferneyhough’s Opera.

Has collaborated in several recordings; Wolfgang Rihm “Zyklus” with musikFabrik (CPO), Gyorgy Ligeti “Kammerkonzert” with ASKO Ensemble (TELDEC),  Gerard Grisey “Les Spaces Acoustiques” with ASKO Ensemble (KAIROS), Rozalie Hirs “Platonic ID” with ASKO Ensemble (ATTACA), Mauricio Sotelo “de oscura llama” with Ensemble Residencias (ANEMOS), Brian Ferneyhough “Shadowtime” with Nieuw Ensemble (NMC),  Miguel Gálvez “Konzert fur Bassklarinette” (IVM). In 2011, a new CD with works premiered by Carlos Galvez will be released.

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