Joost Lijbaart
Joost Lijbaart


Festival 2000

Joost  Lijbaart  


Joost Lijbaart is a versatile drummer who uses a lot of different influences in his playing. 
Born in Amsterdam, he started drumming after his father (in navolging van) when he was seven years old. After several years of classical percussion lessons he went to the conservatory in Hilversum where he followed lessons from Cees Kranenburg, Marcel Serierse andGerhard Jeltes. He graduated in 1991. During his study he went to Senegal (West-Africa) to take lessons in African percussion with the legendary DuDu and Ali un D'Aya Rose.

Besides jazz, pop and improvised music he worked with modern classical music and dance. In 1990 he performed with students from the National Ballet Academy, played modern classical percussion music from Xenakis, Cage, Reich and worked in different projects with Theo Loevendie and Louis Andriessen.

He formed with Yuri Honing the Yuri Honing Trio in 1989. With this group he did concerts and tours in more than 40 countries all over the world. During a tour in the Middle East in 1998 the trio was catched by the music of the Arab world. The result was a bigger group calledOrient Express with a Libanese singer and two musicians from Iraq. This group did several tours in the Middle East and the Netherlands.

With this group Lijbaart won in 2002 the Dutch jazz competition and was awarded as best soloist from the contest by American drummer Elvin Jones.
From 2002 Joost started his own quartet "group of friends" with Yuri Honing, Benjamin Herman andMats Eilertsen. For this group he is also very active as a composer. He played on the North sea jazzfestival with this band in 2003. A DVD of this concert was released in 2005.
In 2003 he also did a big project with Dutch choreographist Anouk van Dijk, a ballet for four dancers and four musicians live on stage.

This year a new group was formed by Yuri Honing together with Joost LijbaartTony Overwater andFrank Moebus, a guitar player from Berlin who is well known with his trio Der Rote Bereich. The double CDtemptation of this band called Yuri Honing wired paradise was released in January 2006.

Another new group is the duo with pianoplayer Wolfert Brederode. A CD of this group will come out in Autumn 2006. With the duo they did a project with dancer and choreographist Lonneke van Leth. Also they played music on the spoken book Shadowchild from Dutch writer Frans Thomese. 

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