Huib Emmer
Huib Emmer


June 2009

Huib  Emmer  


Huib Emmer composes instrumental music and is a performer of electronic music.

He has demonstrated over the years that there are many facets to his music. He graduated from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in the mid-1970s, having been taught composition by Jan van Vlijmen. His work has been performed by many ensembles and orchestras, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Although Huib Emmer is primarily a composer, he has always kept performing live, whether as a guitarist in ensembles such as Hoketus, and later Loos, or electronics since the 1990s. The focus on electronics started playing a more crucial role beside his instrumental works from 1992, when he programmed the Night of Electricity, an international multimedia festival held in the Rotterdam pop venue Nighttown. It included a broad spectrum of performers and artists like Barry Schwartz, Cabaret Voltaire, Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, Ken Hollings, Dick Raaijmakers and films presented by Jack Stevenson.

Emmer's fascination with electronic music has grown into a series of works where he combines live electronics with instrumentalists or ensembles. In 1999 he wrote Glorious Stranger for Loos Ensemble, based on a text by Ken Hollings. The first version of Glorious Stranger became part of the VPRO broadcasting company's TV series called Moondive. 

Emmer has drawn inspiration from movies and multimedia for many years; in 2001 he wrote a series of electronic pieces for Radio Worm dedicated to Jean Pierre Melville. (Released on the z6 label in Rotterdam.)

He continues to combine live sounds with live images in various collaborations he formed in the past.

He worked with artist Remco Schuurbiers (live video) and they performed in several venues, including the NYYD Festival in Estland in 1999, Het Paard in The Hague (2003), Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (1999), Garage Festival Stralsund (2003) and Club Transmediale in Berlin (2000).

In 2004 he formed a duo called Faces with Rotterdam-based film-maker Joost Van Veen, in which they combine live electronics with film footage manipulated live on stage. In 2006 they performed in Poznan, Warsaw and Krakow, among other places.

In 2008 they expanded their duo with the musicians: Lukas Simonis, Nina Hitz and Kaoru Iwamora. 

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