Afework Nigussie
Afework Nigussie


February 2011

Afework  Nigussie  

masinko (ethiopische fiddel), voice

Singer Afework Nigussie was borne in Gonder, the main root for most Ethiopian musicians. At the age of 11 he moved to Addis Ababa capital city of Ethiopia and started showing his talent in playing music. Besides, this situation gives him the opportunity to integrate his knowledge and skill of playing music to the diversified cultural music of Ethiopia. His first CD “Chirot” that combines his own true Ethiopian roots with the talents of various international artists. Currently he composes and performs a mix of traditional and modern styles with musicians of many genres. His experiance gives Afework the chance to meet different muscicians like Jasper. Jaspar has also a great interst towards ethiopian music and has played in an album called Jump to Addis.Further more, his compositions are influenced by different types of music such as,groove jazz, balkan music, Ethiopian music, West-African music, Funk, and Brazilian and Latin music. Due to there long time experiance and common future interst Afework and Jasper have launched Batiband togethere in 2010.

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