Femke Ijlstra
Femke Ijlstra


May 2007
March 2006

Femke  Ijlstra  


Femke IJlstra (1982) is professor of saxophone at the Prins Claus Conservatory Groningen. She studied with Arno Bornkamp and closed her Bachelors program with great success off. In 2009 she received her master's degree with distinction.The jury appreciated its versatility and intuitive game.
Many of her solo performances take place at chamber music or in cooperation with brass band and symphony orchestras at home and abroad. She has alreadymade several recordings for Radio 4 and she starred in the TV program Freesounds.

Femke remplaceert at the 'world's best orchestra, the Royal ConcertgebouwOrchestra, and other leading orchestras as the Radio Orchestra, Holland Symphonia, Residence Orchestra Anima Eterna (BE).

She also worked with Holland Baroque Society and the Calefax rietkwintet.

Next to Syrene saxophone quartet Femke makes part of HET ensemle en musu.

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