Karin Langendonk
Karin Langendonk


February 2000

Karin  Langendonk  


Karen Langendonk studied flute at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with PieterOde and Harrie Starreveld. In 2001 she finished her master's off here. Then she took lessons from abroad such as William Bennett, Philippe Bernold, son Jacquesand Michael Cox.
Since graduating Karen works freelance in several Dutch orchestras.
It also has a great love for chamber music and is active in various ensembles.With her own ensemble, the Amsterdam Chamber Group, she made several toursin recent years to countries such as France and Portugal.

Besides her work as flutist and flute teacher Karen is also active as a mezzosoprano. After finishing her studies she flute here intensively become involved.Karen is frequently heard as a soloist with several choirs and orchestras and as aflutist and singer with the Amsterdam Chamber Group. These two subjects are in many ways very close together. Both executive, as well as in the teaching leads to an interesting exchange of ideas.

Karen now has many years experience in providing fluitles to adults and childrenand leading all kinds of ensembles.
Besides her own private teaching practice, since 2005 she is affiliated with the Music Warehouse in Amsterdam and worked many years at Musica Allegra
in Animals.

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