Jacob Adler
Jacob Adler


December 2007

Jacob  Adler  

electric organ

Jacob Adler is a composer, performer, and teacher based in Phoenix, Arizona. Instruments of choice: piano, organ, laptop, accordion, tanpura, and tsimbl. Jacob studied Carnatic rhythm and its application to contemporary classical music and improvisation at the Amsterdam Conservatory. He performs ecstatic electro-acoustic music for organs and pianos with his wife, Ilona, in the duo Zeelab; multi-organ/multi-sax art-pop in the sextet Integers Are For Counting, rabid zionist folk songs inspired by Qawwali music and Stephen Wolfram in Taraf Degrief; and psychedelic trance minimalism with a continuously evolving constellation of large ensembles including Strange Loops. Jacob’s music has been performed throughout the US, Europe, and Scandinavia. He has designed sound for Weiden+Kennedy, 1000memories, and films. He teaches advanced rhythm at ASU and piano throughout Phoenix.

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