Man Bites Dog
Man Bites Dog


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December 2000

Festival 2000
November 1999

Man  Bites  Dog  


Man Bites Dog was founded in 1993. Almost from the beginning, the group is on the execution of documents which the band members write specifically for this occupation. The choice of an occupation without a bass instrument was a conscious. This occupation is naturally leads to the traditional roles within a jazz group to be removed. Thus each of the players a harmonic, melodic or rhythmic role to assume. 

The group sound become open and transparent, the band put down without intense scenes to be bombastic. In the first years Man Bites Dog is focused primarily at jazz and improvised music with the immediacy of a rock or punk band to play. This energy has kept the group, although the means to create tension and subtiler have become richer. In this process has mainly played a role that the group members in different types of Non-Western music have deepened.

Cluzel made two trips to Ethiopia and took there recently recorded a CD with a multitude Ethiopian guest musicians. Klein gained experience in the Surinamese and Antillean jazz with Fra Fra Big Band. Cluzel and Klein played in the group of Surinamese percussionist Jogi Gillis. Small group touring in India with the Bhedam that, arising from the Karnatic Lab, improvised and contemporary music connects with influences from the Carnatic music. Small and Cluzel have several years techniques of Carnatic music studied with Rafael Reina, Non-Western Techniques teacher at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. This Carnatic music emerges in Man Bites Dog mainly in the form of complex rhythmic structures. Also, the group uses microtonality and ornamentaties. 

It was never the intention of an Indian or other traditional ethnic style to play. Man Bites Dog has over the years developed his own style, and sets the non-Western influences in the service of further developing them.

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