Eileen Standley
Eileen Standley


September 2008

Eileen  Standley  


Eileen Standley’s choreography has been commissioned and supported by various arts institutions, festivals, and funding bodies including (NL) Fonds vd Podiumkunst, Mama Cash, Anjer Fonds, the Dutch Embassy, (Spain) Centre Dramatic D'Osona, (Finland) Full Moon Festival and Zodiak Presents, and (Japan) Contemporary Dance Assn. of Japan. She is inspired by the collaborative process in creation and performance, often joining forces with international artists such as, Mia Lawrence, Tamie Yamana, Sher Doruff, Isabelle Vigier, Katie Duck, Julyen Hamilton, Available Jelly, Marion Traenkle, Michael Vatcher, Michael Moore, Monica Page, Maarten Altena Ensemble, Bik Bent Braam, and Magpie Music Dance Company. Committed to education and the development of individual expression, she teaches dance composition, technique, improvisation, multimedia and video/dance in dance schools and independent dance institutions throughout Europe and Japan. In Amsterdam she taught in the Choreography Department of the School for New Dance Development since 1989 and has been on the teaching staff of the Dutch National Ballet. For the Amsterdam Masters of Choreography program she taught Multimedia and Video Editing, and was artistic mentor for student projects. In 2004, in collaboration with the Research Department of Art and Culture (within the Amsterdam School for the Arts) she created a DVD compilation of research and reflections on coaching amateurs in the creative process of dance making in the Netherlands. As a video artist, Eileen makes work for artistic, educational, and commercial contexts. She continues to experiment with abstract video and installations. They are choreographies with light, space, movement, rhythm, and body (or no–body). They investigate suspended temporalities and the amplification of the everyday. She is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. In particular, the principles of re–education and the power of conscious choice–making so fundamental to this work, have greatly inspired her teaching, making processes, and way of life. In 2009–10 she is working for the School of Dance as Clinical Professor–Creative Dance Practices.

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