Marcos Bagianni
Marcos Bagianni


May 2006

Marcos  Bagianni  

drums, percussion

He did his 1st studies in Buenos Aires ; where he started his professional carrier, playing with some relevant musicians of that scene.In 2001 he moved to Amsterdam where he is currently based.

He is playing and composing in the " Celano - Baggiani Group ", a fusion of Argentinean roots and jazz concepts. Their 1 st CD "Figuras" was released in December 2005 through BAUrecords. They have performed with guests such as: Michael Moore, Natalio Sued, Jasper Blom, Robin Verheyen, Tyler Woods, Arnold Dooyeweerd, Oguz Büyükberber. Their 2 nd CD "Simple Songs" , together with Michael Moore & Sven Schuster, will come out in June 2007.

He is a member of the Trytone Stichting , doing the artistic programming at Zaal 100.

He collaborates with Michael Fischer, Erik Boeren, Wilbert de Joode, Joost Buis, Shazahd Ismaily, Alex Waterman, Ferial C. Ali, Meinrad Kneer, Valdi Colli, Daisuke Terauchi & Tamaho Miyake, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Rozemarie Heggen, Nathan Fuhr, Collision Palace (playing John Zorn's cobra) among others.

As a composer, he did the music for "Bichos", choreography by Syntia Rañeri (1997) and in 2003, He did the music score for the piece "Think of a wish" by Valeria Primost (dancer & choreographer). With whom He co-founded The Meeting Point in June 2004.

He co-founded as well The Moving Point company performing at Festivals and in different locations in Austria, Holland and Argentina.

He has work on performances and workshops with Laura Moro, Marisa Grande, Paul Estabrook, David Hernandez, Sylvain Meret, Katie Duck, Vincent Cacialano, among others.

Parallel to his performing activities, he has been teaching drums since 1996, privately and in music schools.

Since 2003 he is studying Alexander Technique through private lessons.
He's finished a master degree in jazz at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

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