Ruud van Helvert
Ruud van Helvert


Ruud  van  Helvert  


Drummer Ruud Van Helvert studied classical percussion and improvised music at the conservatory in Tilburg and Amsterdam. As a percussionist he played inFlank, the Fuzz Band, Egg Ensemble, Big Band New Music, the Palinckx-project 'The Revenge Of The Mummy, Blast and Sinew.

He was co-founder of and composer for Blast and thus the CD Puristsirup"recorded and toured in Europe and the United States. Here He played on DutchNew (BIM), Amsterdam 1989, MIMI Festival, Arles, France 1990, InternationalesTreffen Innovativer Musiker, Aachen, Germany 1991, Gruppen Festival (The Kitchen), New York USA 1993, Against Show-festival, Rotterdam 1993 andVPRO's La Stampa (Radio) 1992.

Ruud van Helvert is pulsating with his adventurous style and coloring present atall dynamic levels. He transcends the role of facilitator and gives a face to therhythmic character pillars of Triosonic.

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