Nicolas Field
Nicolas Field


Nicolas  Field  


Nicolas Field is a drummer, and improviser who also works with electronics. Born in London, UK, he studied in Geneva, Amsterdam, and The Hague where he has taken part in a wide variety of projects from contemporary music to jazz, as well as from improvised to electronic music for dance and theatre. Current projects include: Buttercup Metal Polish, a percussion duo with Alexandre Babel and collaborating regularly with Jacques Demierre; Pho with Morten J. Olsen and Bjornar Habbestad; a duo with Japanese saxophonist Akira Sakata; Man in the middle attack with Tom Tlalim and Robert van Heumen on computers; Le Doight de Gallilee with electronicist Jaime Fenelly; and The Same Girl, with Gilles Aubry on computer.

Nicolas is also founding member of the N-Collective. Past and ongoing collaborations include: PSI, Damo Suzuki, Rova 4tet, Michel Doneda, Andreas Hana, Chris Heenan (clarinets), Anotine Chessex (sax), Chris Peck (computer), Office-R on the ‘Ti Project,’ Keiji Haino (guitar), Francoise Rivalland, Seijiro Murayama (drums), Tom Tlalim (computer), Otomo Yoshihide, Lethe, Aamos Elmaliah (computer and video), Olaf Rupp (guitar), Michyio Yagi (koto), Yasuhiro Yochigaki (drums), Kumiko Takara (percussion), Marko Kosnik (video), John Hegre (guitar), Anthony Pateras (piano)…

He has played concerts and festivals in Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia and USA. His work has been released on twelve CD publications.

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