Dr. Suma Sudhindra
Dr. Suma Sudhindra


June 2011

Dr  Suma  Sudhindra  


DR. SUMA SUDHINDRA is one of the acclaimed Veena artiste of the country today. Trained under Veena Maestros Raja Rao and Chitti Babu. She has blended into her music the classical conservatism at the dynamic spirit of innovations. Suma has contrived to bring within the borders of tradition, all her feelings and knowledge with a touch of creative Instinct. 

Her perfect sense of shruti together with her amazing speed and mastery over the instrument have endeared her to all her audience. Her panorama of achievements revels her intense devotion and dedication as a Vainika. Performing extensively to music lovers of the country, she has performed at prestigious institutions such as the Music Academy, the Indian Fine Arts Society, Krishna Gana Sabha - all at madras. Shanmukananda Fine Arts and The NCPA at Bombay. The Vishnu Dighambara Jayanthi Samaroh and the I.T.C. Festival at New Delhi, the National Music Festival at Bijapur in Karnataka. The Central Sangeetha Natak Academy Festival at Aurangabad, Maharastra.
Her music has taken her beyond the country's borders to the foreign lands of America, Singapore, Malaysia and England. She has traveled coast to coast in the U.S.A. several times and the Mayor of Baltimore conferred on her an honorary citizenship after listening to her vibrant performance.

Scholars and music lovers throughout the Country have shown their appreciation to her music by honoring her with various titles. She has been conferred the tile of Ganakala Shree by the renowned Karnataka Gana Kala Parishat, the only body of musicians in the country. The Madras Academy has honoured her with the coveted award as The Best vainika. 

Her versatility extends to her leading the well known Karnataka Jazz fusion group “MEGHA”. Inspite of her busy schedule as a performing artist, Dr.Suma Sudhindra trains young hopefuls, aiming to reach great musical heights like their guru at Tarangini, her institute of Veena Studies.
Through her institution, she actively arranges workshops and festivals to promote the awareness of classical music, an art form she has perfected with her Veena.

She has released cassettes and CDs for various companies like Sangeetha, Lahari, Magna Sound, HMV, BMG Crescendo, Shilgey.

She has recently received many awards like Vainika Kalabhushani from Thyagaraja Ganasabha, the distinguished citizen award from Rotary International District 3190 and Kalaimani from Tamil Nadu Government. She is the first lady artist from Karnataka State to receive this award from Tamil Nadu Government.

She is the Secretary of the prestigious Chowdaiah Memorial Hall.

Her Intensity and devotion to this art form also makes Suma a keen cultural activist and organizer. Her organization Tarangini Arts Foundation organizes cultural festivals every year to promote the cause of Indian Classical Music.

She has performed in every prestigious music festival in the country and has traveled the world performing to an International audience. Her recent tough of the United States (September - November 1999) received on overwhelming response and appreciation for her style of music.
On the academic, front, Suma Keenly participates in seminars across the country reaching out to the community, is a Doctorate holder for her theses on sting instruments and has taught P.G. Classes at the Department of Dance, Drama and Music in Bangalore University and taught students at Universities abroad.

A tireless amount of energy and dedication find Suma entrenched today deeply within her various roles of a classical soloist, a contemporary composer, cultural activist, administrator, teacher, organizer and performer, where she integrates these roles for the faith of music in her journey of artistic explorations.
She received Rajyotsava Award from KARNATAKA Government in November 2001. 

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