Joke Kegel
Joke Kegel


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Joke  Kegel  


Joke Kegel works steady while she immerges herself in music- and daily life. From '68 she started playing piano. From '75-'79 she was following her passion for art and composition-lessons and studied with the artist Rinus Duin. She studied from '79-'81 at the Art academy Artibus in Utrecht (made her first Installaties 'Touch' and 'Coverings'. From '82-'83 she studied at the Art academy in Amsterdam, while she gave art-lessons in the studio of her father in Baambrugge.  

Activities and Societies: Between '77 en '79 she followed her passion for theatre and made and played in different theatre pieces, together with students of the department production of the Theatreschool Amsterdam. From '83 she studied at the theater-studio of Amsterdam and played in many different muziektheatre-productions, active as an actor and a maker, teacher, producer and artistic director. From '82 she studied piano with Hans Spruit, Rutgen van Leyden and Edgard Vreuls. Singing with Simon Schouten and Marjanne Kweksilber among others. From '89-'03 she studied at the MIEV and past her state exames for piano, music-history, analysis and didactics. 

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