Mohsen Mohammadi
Mohsen Mohammadi


Mohsen  Mohammadi  


Mohsen Mohammadi Mohsen Mohammadi is an Iranian Researcher and Musician, recently living in Europe. He completed his main studies at the University of Tehran, Iran, where he attended the Faculty of Fine Arts and received the B.A. in Music in 2002, Summa cum laude, and the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, where he received the M.A. in History in 2006, with a Dissertation concerning “The Emergence of Dastg?h in Persian Music, C. 1500-1925”.

His studies mainly focus on the relationship between cultures towards music and literary tradition, and starting from his personal path (he studied Arabic Language and Research Methodology from Prof. Mehdi Mohaghegh, at the Institute of Islamic Studies of the University of McGill-University of Tehran) he developped frequent researches concerning Old texts and Manuscripts, as well as the musical tradition and repertory of Persian Classical Music and the playing of typical instruments such as Tar and Setar. In this field he was Research Assistant for Old Musical texts and History of Music in Islamic Civilization in several institutes, such as the Institute of Islamic Studies, (University of McGill-University of Tehran, starting from 1998) , and the Iranian Academy of the Arts (from 2002 on).

As a researcher he published several works and participated to workshops and conferences such as, mainly concentrating on the theme of cultural discovery of ancient texts and manuscripts, as well in literature and in music. The relationships between countries interests him: several works and lectures concern the cultural bridges among Persia, Iran and India across the centuries. He is also socially committed, as in the year 2000 he was coordinator of the third student's festival of music (Shiraz), and in 2006-7 he was volunteer teacher of music at Asaye Sefid charity organization for blind teenagers.

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