François Chanut
François Chanut


April 2002

Franois  Chanut  


François Chanut plays the acoustic bass since nearly twenty years. His main directions are jazz, cuban and brazilian music. He gave concerts in the USA, in Senegal, in Cuba and in many european festivals (Hungria, Germany, Spain, Tchéquie, BeNeLux, Swiss).

In the early 90's, in Paris, he visits the CIM jazz school and takes part to workshops with Sylvain Kassap and Jean-François Jenny Clarke. At the same time, he starts touring with Gina et l'orchestre. During a journey to Colombia, he experiences latin american musics and cultures and seeks to enrich his knowledge in this music field ever since. He spend a good deal of year 1994 in New Orleans to get deeper into another carribean rooted music: jazz.

Established 1995 in Berlin, he sets up inside the local jazz scene, and paralely starts music studies with Ed Schuler. He follows at Rotterdam's conservatory (NLD) from 1997 on, and graduates in Amsterdam in 2002.

Along the road, François Chanut develops complicity and friendship with various musicians. He founds the band Corazon Ardiente, and later, coming back to Paris, transforms gradually this salsa band into a more flexible formation. This is the Colectivo Ardiente.

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