Flavio Swart
Flavio Swart


October 2010

Flavio  Swart  


I grew up in Jaguariúna a small town in Brasil, where I started to have contact with music at the age of 8. Since then I have been a bit in contact with instruments like guitar, bass, accordion, piano, viola-caipira, cavaquinho. At the age of 13 I started to dedicate myself studying drums, which later would result in joining the university course.

During the university studies I became interested in improvisation, in fact, this changed my understanding of music as well as my way of playing the drums.

After graduating at the university in 2007 I decided to come to Holland for a few years in order to develop my musical ideas. There, outside of musical scene, I met Ainhoa and Andreas, a great meeting that later would be named Notenkonferenz.

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