Claudio Jacomucci
Claudio Jacomucci


December 1999

Claudio  Jacomucci  


Claudio Jacomucci is considered to be one of the most skillful and original accordionist in the international scene. His work has contributed to develop new performing techniques and an innovative pedagogy, to increase and emancipate the accordion literature and to introduce his instrument into diverse musical worlds as he approaches with sponaneity and knowledge Baroque, XX Century, Contemporary, Traditional, Multimedia and Improvised music. He’s also composer himself.

He was graduated as an accordionist from the Conservatory of Grenoble (France) in 1992  (Médaille d'Or à l'unanimité) and, in 2000, he was graduated also as an Alexander Technique teachers from the Alexander Technique Centre in Amsterdam.

He also studied Southern Indian Music at the Sweelick Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Winner of international contests such as Grand Prix International d´Accordeon in St. Etienne (1988), Trofeo Mundial de acordeon (C.M.A.) in Cuenca (1990), Premio Citta’ di Castelfidardo (1990) and Arrasate Hiria (1994), Orpheus 2008 for “Wonderlands” (as the best classical accordion cd of the year).

He has premiered a number of new works collaborating with composers such as  Luciano Berio, Franco Donatoni, Gyorgy Kurtag, Luis De Pablo, Boris Porena, Mario Pagliarani, Lucio Garau, Gabriele Manca, Dimitri Nicolau, Fernando Mencherini, Giorgio Tedde, Carlo Crivelli, Akemi Naito, Francoise Barriere, Maxim Seloujanov, Oliver Schneller (who often dedicated their work to him) and as a composer himself.

He has been performing in Europe, USA, China, Mexico, Russia in many festivals and istitution such as Cornell University (USA), Berlin Philharmonie (Germany), Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), Salle Messiaen (Paris), Teatro alla Scala (Milan), Gaudeamus Foundation (Amsterdam), Synthese Festival (Bourges), Nuova Consonanza (Rome), Sala Chavez - Unam (Mexico), Sibelius Academy (Helsinki), Beethoven Haus (Bonn), to name a few. 

He is the founder and teacher of the Italian Accordion Academy in Urbino and he holds masterclasses all over the World.


Since 2002 he works with Kathleen Delaney (choreographer and dancer) exploring the fronteers of dance and music creation in its diverse aspects: live interactions, electro-acustic music and video-dance. 

His CDs are published by Schott Wergo, W & B Music, Bridge Records, Stradivarius, Rivoalto, StileLibero, Musica & Poesia, Ema Records, Adatto, Blowout Records. His performances were broadcasted by Radio3 RAI, ORF, DeutschlandRadio, RNE2, Vatican Radio, SFB, RSI, Radio Unam-Mexico, RadioFrance.

He’s regularly invited as a jury member by internation accordion competition such as Castelfidardo, Klingenthal, Arrasate and Moscow.

His book "TECNICA I" about the modern accordion technique is published by Bèrben.

He’s the accordion teacher at the “Luisa D’Annunzio” Conservatory in Pescara (Italy).

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