Tamaho Miyake
Tamaho Miyake


Tamaho  Miyake  

voice, piano, flutes, theremin, violoncello, Vietnamese harp

Composer, Improviser and Piano player Tamaho Miyake received her Bachelor’s Degree (classical composition) from Soai University, and completed the special course at Soai University. She is presently studying in Post-graduate course at Rotterdam conservatory in the Netherlands under Klaas de Vries, Teizo Matsumura, Mitsuo Yamada and Junko Yasuda.

She has taught composition and piano at Yamaha music school for 13 years.

She belongs to "Shinshinkai Kansai" and "PORT" (composers' groups of contemporary music). She gave a lecture about her work at Daegu Contemporary Music Festival in Korea, and her piece "Two or More for Clarinet and Violoncello" was performed at the concert (2004). Her piece "Uncountable for string Quartet" was selected and performed at the concert of Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival 2005 in Indonesia. Her piece "b. for 2 violins and percussions" was awarded the special prize by I. C. O. M. S. competition in Italy.

She improvises with the Piano, the Theremin and voices etc. with various fields of performers. 

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