Sonsoles Alonso
Sonsoles Alonso


Spanish contemporary pianist

Sonsoles  Alonso  


Spanish-born, Netherlands-based Sonsoles Alonso is so very much more than just a versatile pianist. The last decade saw Sonsoles grow both as a musician and performer, continually redefining her self and emerging as a major voice in the growing contemporary piano and (live) electronics formats. The care and attention she gives her performances allows each composition to stand strong individually, making the whole an extraordinary collection. It’s as if the opposing temperaments of her classical roots and her innovative, avantgarde wings seem to generate electricity in the atmosphere creating a musical experience that is both magic and refreshing. This combined with her alluring personality, sense of adventure and challenging repertoire make each concert a pleasure to the ears and a feast for the eyes.

Influenced by her teachers Anthony de Mare (20th-century piano literature) and Morton Feldman's disciple Nils Vigeland (20th century analysis), Sonsoles moved to Amsterdam in 1996 to specialize in the interpretation of contemporary music as a soloist and also as a member of various ensembles. During the past 10 years she has built an impressive career with concerts in Holland and abroad, multidisciplinary projects plus concerts with other musicians and different ensembles. Sonsoles also improvises and works with live electronics as well. Today Sonsoles effortlessly interprets her classical and contemporary repertoires with such unflinching zeal that she has managed to do away with all restrictions on her creative output. It is her magical abilities that enable her to interpret classical repertoire with an understated eloquence and elegance but also enable her to fiercely attack the piano keys; it has been said of her, “ The highest point of the evening was Luigi Nono's ‘Sofferte onde Serene’, played formidably by pianist Sonsoles Alonso... ....Alonso brought forth with thunder the most deep and profound caverns of the piano.”

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